GAME NOTES -- SPAWN OF FLETT -- 11/15/2014


Being well treated on the naval base. OpSec is in force.

Zakarov shows up against medical advice 5 min before blustering and upset, escored out as he is a witness.

Gray, Astrede and the guy who is the third admiral are present.

The proceedings turn over to the civilian authority, leaving us questioning the witness. This confused the player to no end and lots of missed oppty.

Interrogate the aide to the chamberlaine, outside of zimmerman and himself, only knows initials or numbers, very secretive about who is involved. Gray raises an eyebrow over the mention of one of the Mora secondary houses, old associate rivals, Stephan Sebrina --- Made up paperwork which would have ousted the duchess of Mora and bring him in -- black sheep of family, some rep as a duelist

Battledress was to help discredit Leandra and maybe be used in attack.

News interrupts proceedings as Gray gets news that the Dauphin dude (Armand Jean Nardak Honorae deaman D’ Honorae) along with two older servants are missing. Where on Rhylea gathering at a Hunt club as gues t of honor when Princess Miranda left system, known as Dame Agatha Kilgore’s luxury ship.


One of our secreted away prisoners sings like canary and drops some names we didn’t have before: _____________________________________

Hand over to Globber for additional questioning, advised that he is being cooperative in exchange for no death penalty and request the courtesy of reciprocal exchange of information after providing what we gathered so far.

Stil have others in custody, two of which are 48 to 72 hours away from being healthy enough to question and the third is conditioned to “self determine” rather than talk and we probably need help from someone accustomed to dealing with this.


Meredith gives the info to Admiral Gray and receives a call back from Admiral Gray. He wants to know where info came from and then where the source is now.

Leandra inquires of Gray who exactly stands accused of shooting Grand Admiral Zakarov.

Captain Lawrence Shireworth. -- Has not been on our radar, asks where he stands in chain of command relative to the two rear admiral blues -- the one that starts with an M. Tends to forget how much staff does for most flag officers. Not enough info at this time to judge if the rear admiral blue involved.

Leandra asks Gray if he trusts Zakarov. Gray advises he trusts Zakarov to be himself.


Urgent pages to Leandra.

Meetings she’s supposed to be dealing with.
Completely local issues have come up in last few hours.

** interrupted by Duane saying he needs to go home and talk to Jade and guest to see what was up on ship they were working on what they were supposed to do etc **

Sign off on exploratory statement about the Dukedome. As Is. All Sales are Final.
Attend cop’s funeral
Want me to deal with the Solomani Ambassador. He’s confusing them by being helpful.
Reviews of who gets promoted, who not getting promoted, etc. Been going completely on merit based system, ignoring.

Rumour that Androchev has managed to be coming back with probably fortunately best candidate out of the aristocracy for the position -- DeWinter-Holloway’s great uncle.

Leandra gets that look on her face that she needs chocolate and possibly liquor about this time.

Are at D’Aubisson’s place, but Meredith arranges to make sure I have what I need so no one gets stabbed or shot. Their people allow my people in, they have the perimeter.

Push from local branches of various megacorps for free trade zone.
Couple of things will push off on the duke -- system defense boats are almost all in need of being taken down and repaired after the war, not budgeted for the warr impact.
Substructure of up-port is in much better shape than they thought and infrastructure of downport is in much better shape than hoped. Last estimate was couple of years at most of life on some of systems and careful husbanding and managing and doing such things as buying at Omnimart rather than putting out bids to most exp businesses a ton of money has been saved. Also people raising cain over bypass of the bidding process.
Few people demanding investigation into finances and how do they know that money isn’t going into our pockets. Meredith goes digging into EVERYTHING about the rabble rouser leading this charge. He is one of those people who believes that everything will be fine if only he were in charge.
People are starting to realize none of the three of us aren’t going to make a run at power and are starting to think they should.

Instead of worshipping bureaucracy, we’ve been assigning teams of experts to handle various things.

Request from group out of Knorbes wants a meeting with Triumverate. Needs to be vetted. Knorbes had a revolution but never stopped, remnants of once thriving economy, now screaming mess. Before the war, most of the large parts of budget for Regina subsector were things like way to come up with ways to keep them keeping from killing each other or long running fueds over someone killing family goat several generations back. Then war came and no one cared who killed whose goat and just smashed everything. Now in places where planetary winter is coming, they are facing starvation. Coming to us because offworld interests have been essentially playing both ends against the middle, which has been ongoing, but people literally setting up “controlled currency”, rather work or starve, you’ll take what we give you. Reports that some that have left Knorbe, they have never heard back from. Supposed to leave money voluntarily to send money home but not heard from after, that was incentive to go.

Theoretically most of the planet agreed that since they’d gone from space colonies to having large burning things fall out of the sky that had their own nationalities -- central government with fairly limited power, but most are listening to it. Most not letting go of old issues.

Trying to control all firearms on planet period. Enforcing is the issue. Is there any way to use sanctions elsewhere if the megacorps don’t behave. Then reverses and what about carrot instead of stick. How to get money in without it being ripped off without warlords or someone making run for gov’t. Have made an appeal to the Empire, partially admission and gone so far as to request a protectorate after the war.

D’Aubisson’s thought is last protecorate was Jenghe, which is now facing class A start port and is major tourist destination. Not assuming that Knorbes will become the next Jenghe but it might not be such a bad thing. Can petition it and so on. Funding it will be a bitch. Other questions.

D’Aubisson thinks about Leandra’s question is there anything we can do to incentivize the offworld parties to pay living wage etc. D’Aubisson’s vote is to go ahead with the study, let the good corporate citizens know that this has shown up on radar and wouldn’t it be better if we solved this ourselves rather than involve imperial entanglements. He’ll take the project but would like to hear more about people who vanished. Sounds like signing contracts to work off planet then never heard of again.

Golden era for Regina crime. No crime, but many acts of sabotage due to war effort. Lots of things ‘felll of ships and transports’. Now that war winding down expect things to increase. Working with League of shipping to reduce this and help smooth our reputation so more things come through.

Someone broke into Douglas’ veteran’s holdings of things donated and some of the big ticket items have walked off. Brought to someone on the council’s attention and they were most upset. His people are looking into the matter. On one of the docs Scaleasi controls. Gone over badly.

Lady Penelope Mapleforth - thrown herself into veteran relocation. Seems sincere this time. Before the war, before me, she had safe position of being big fish in Regina public in matters of society. However, she is not going to look at putting herself out there at risk over anything. Old line. Requested to attend a charity function for this.

Deeds has been here and watching. Knows that I’m part of the infrastructure so also keeping an eye on things. Been in system about two weeks. Arranges time to meet him.

Message from Grandmama. Envelope sealed indicating from house on Mora, one of lesser titles, that the duchess has.

From duchess of mora under lesser title, thanks me for concern on her behalf, warns about minor house person named in group concerned he is making plans above his ability and showing a lot of signs of influence above him so be caref, looks forward to continued correspondence. Carefully pleasant message.

From Grandmana: Confirms warned her that this person has warned her that things won’t stay the way they’ve been and he should back his family’s play and not be obstinate. She thinks he’s riding for a fall.

Duane gets a call about a transportation situation where no union people have been hired. We go to handle the situation. The guy who greets us and says you don’t know who you’re messing with grabs Regina, Raykor gives me the option to handle it myself. Leandra gives a hard swing of her shotgun to his arm and follows with butt to jaw. He goes down and Zarhan drags him into the ship as we enter to keep them from lifting. Mention was made of ‘they smell bad enough as it is’. Trying to do cold start.

Meredith, Leandra and Raykor ordered to take bridge. Duane goes with Duncan to engineering.

Leandra follows Meredith’s lead. Meredith shoots one and the other puts hands up. Secure the one, Leandra treats the one down best she can.

Duane and Duncan take out the engineers.

Meredith sees a couple vacate the ship and duncan runs them down in battle dress.

Meredith goes to the ‘cargo’. They are under impression going to new jobs and we are pirate borders.

Duane questions one of the ones in engineering. You’re the people running around hunting people. Came aboard shooting people and we should be due restitution. Duane says “Killer Maru” and the guy scoffs at that and says what you cut some guys head off too? and Duane shows the video.

Local auth shows up to help take over things. Honest business people attacked by local authorities. On surface, totally legal contract. Problem becomes can they pay off the expenses or does it become indentured employment. Boxes of Regen in the hold with people they are taking out. Out of date and of no value based on manifest. Open up the boxes and there are couple of vials on interior side, hasty scribbling, section 2 #4, little symbol for Doctors without borders, that’s been crossed out, something about Veteran’s home.

Person taken by Duane and not shot, is angry, looking at me. “Better enjoy it now because once you’re gone this place goes back to Cavanaugh and the rest of them.”

Patrick Cavanaugh is something of legend on Regina.

People have been fed poor diets to keep them compliant and lack of initiative. Zahran and Leandra work with them.

Duane calls Commissioner Globber to give him a heads up about Cavanaugh. Globber sends out Officer Weaselli to talk to him.

Guy scrambles over himself to prove he isn’t complicit, that nothing done wrong, argues Leandra’s authority and so on. He has some stuff, tapes rolling in spots, could be good witness.

The guy we want is the guy bankrolling Cavanaugh. Demands Leandra when Duane won’t commit to anything other than choice between Globber and Black. Leandra says wants name now, doesn’t flinch on ‘deal’ demand, gets the location of the. Linus Yosef.

Yosef is known locally to be a Factor. Sort of a loan shark, made a lot of money, undercuts people on a lot of business bids. Indentured people were going to one of his factories.

Ship is standing violation much less flying. Registered to Jasmine Enterprises, rumoured to be one of his subsidiaries but many layers of stuff.

We call the IBI lady from the Artist. Boss calls a few minutes later demanding to know who Leandra is really. Leandra says I’m sure you have the wrong number and hangs up. He calls back sputtering and demanding I prove who she is. Leandra suggests he trot his shiny little shoes over to where she is and she’ll prove it. He asks where she is and she suggests downport govt offices. He says 15 min, she counters with 30.

The IBI agent, Consuela Barnes, arrives to take custody. And she advises will have to let at least one person in on the conversation, who is presently having a temper tantrum, probably at his ‘boss’.

Leandra arrives at gov’t quarters. Secretary indicates very rude man in my office. Indicates- it would be her pleasure to deal with this one herself. Three IBI guys are waiting, one nicely dressed. He starts going off on exactly how things will proceed and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. Leandra pulls off her gloves, pulls out a nail file, puts one hip up on desk and starts to file nails. “I’m sorry but am I boring you,” he asks and Leandra says “Yes, quite”.

He turns around sputtering. and pointing a finger at Leandra. Raykor has pistol out and warns off the IBI agent and cites chapter and verse of his warrant to assure my safety.

More to scene, with Leandra suggesting that they work and play well with Special Agent Barnes so that we can leave what happened in this room in this room.

Special Agent Bainsfeather, the smart IBI guy with the briefcase. Forensic accounting.
Directing Special Agent Angus Jackson, gives me card as automatic reaction. (blustering idiot)
Special Agent Johnson, window dressing.

Several people who have gone after Mr. Yosef before have died before getting to trial. Asks if they can count on our support for handling any witness protection issues. Asks who got the info out of the canary, advised Mr. Flett and he asked if he was still capable of testimony.

Advises we should be very cautious as Mr. Yosef is likely to use extreme measures. Leandra tells him Yosef would likely have to get in line but we’ll take it under advisement.

Consuela Barnes got to listen in courtesy of borrowed extra commo from Duane.

Intercepted call by some man indicating displeasure, tell them to not talk, what do you mean the IBI is there, that woman…..