GAME NOTES -- SPAWN OF FLETT -- 11/22/2014


Imperial Day 313

We plan Duane’s birthday behind his back. His little girls want to help bake his cake, make him a birthday card and get him a very special bow so he can kill bad guys from further away. The adults help so they can buy both the full stock unit and the special fonding one that loads as it folds up. The adults split the bill for modifying his gun range to accommodate the bow targets. Leandra keeps Duane occupied by requesting a special training session with knife work. She sort of figures that working her into a sweat over his favorite weapon would probably be a present all it's own and takes the day off from Triumverate work. Somehow this doesn't spare her various updates.

New plan comes in for the Dukedome. Transit housing and processing center for the vets coming out fo the war. Very thorough, complete proposal, including 5mkcr up front commit to renovations -- 75mkcr and up to 100mkcr if needed. Nice. She's all for it. Best proposal yet.

Leandra considers donation to the charity after the sale, either to match the 5mkcr, but Erik suggests maybe if all three of triumverate do so? She counters with give me a number and she will advise the other members so they can act according to conscience.

Imperial cruisers are on maneuver in the system. Achilles and Gray’s team are working well together. Working on integrating the new class. Zakarov’s forces are playing the opposition, though uncertain who they will portray as the oppositon since vargr’s were beat back. Aslan maybe being a bit pushy in some areas. Zakarov’s command is independent, he is acting AMA to take active part in the games.

Currently plan according to some people to have Douglas’ uncle become a count. Something of a jump for him. Would make him eligible as Duke of Regina. Leandra starts contemplating how to arrange a nasty accident for the man.

Bets going as to who will be duke or duchess, will they survive the first year, will it stop being an independent position or will it become an imperial appointment (as opposed to inheritance). Side bets if duke/duchess offed who will off them, leading contenders are Trannic or Androchev further down is Max… shot three guys in the head in a row.

Several inquiries recently about Gher Raller, vessel he was on seems to have mis-jumped or at least not made appointed rendezvous. When that news came out, people went oh crap. Gone finally is taking fifth in that pool. Will come back and bring trouble is ahead by 8-1.

Retailers are going insane cause Holiday is coming up. Sales. Imperial family is coming out and they are trying to cash in on that. People are spending more money than sensible on trying to get things purchased.

Inquiry as to whether Leandra will keep the Suite at Claridge’s. She prepays through first week of new year. All other private inquiries are told that Leandra’s personal arrangements are none of their concern and for her security no comment will be made.

Raykor has a thought on Linus, factor who has people coming in on Regina from Knorbe as work slave labor. He has an operative he knows he’d like to put her on.

Leandra texts Duncan and indicates he should give Duane some sort of 911 to get us moving that direction in a hurry. Duncan comes up with ‘suspicious’ package alert. Duane moves out with Leandra and Zahran and Raykor in tow.

We arrive at Duane's home, it’s quiet, girls are doing their homework. And there’s a package in sort of a bright red color.

Presents are presented, Duane is appreciative, we have a good time.

Susan is supposed to be promoted and given an intell ship. All on hold, something else has come up from way way on high. She and crew are getting all the leave they had coming as they are waiting. Came from high enough that orders signed by Gray are put on hold and Androchev doesn’t know anything about it, so right now they are on the beach.

Was going to be a clandestine messenger, so was going to be heavily armed. not a bad hold. possible mission change or even upgrade.

We dress up and go to Demon Slayers up for the evening birthday festivities. Has heard about Chuck during Red Shirt issues, trauma surgeon at Regina Trauma.

Half a dozen leather wearing, blue-bandana’d people and ladies with them. These are not cheap thugs. More like retinue or entourage.

They must not be from around here. They are calling folks on Regina soft. And trash talking Chuck. This should get interesting fast.

Clarify rules, the guy across from Meredith clarifies she’s Marines not just a girl, Leandra pays a corkage fee for her bottle after inquiring if the bottle was prohibited by the establishment rules. Fight ensues.

We all do well. Duane gets a broken nose. Leandra takes 3 to left shoulder and 2 to her hand.

Duncan helps the one he downed to the table. Asks what company they were with. Matt’s Marauders until Matt took on a few too many and spent the rest in the hospital.

Were a household unit. Matthew Augustus Jonathon Kincaide. Planetary nobility sent off to….

They’re here because brother was too busy with planetary things and he is supposed to be part of the Efate retinue. They name drop Leandra’s title. Then the one recognizes Duane from his viral video.

They were light armor and then infantry. on Efate for the seige.

Chatter ensues.

Zahran escorts their medic and the guy who got his bell rung worst and brings back a photo of someone who is hanging around outside. Duane recognizes vaguely, step up from a Weazelli, private eye or street wise tough.

Someone comes in in a checked jacket and porked pie hat. Looks a bit like a weasel in a viking bar. tries to move nonchalantly as he moves through the crowd conspicuously.

There’s a guy, tough guy rental, around the monocycles mostly, think he put something on one of them. And our man says there’s gonna be a bit of a whip around (looks embarrassed) and pulls out a rather greasy envelope. This is for the wife and kids of the cops that got greased. Then he ‘casually’ leaves.

Another fight breaks out later in the evening, same rules apply, couple of large people. If not staged, they’ve been doing this a long time, evenly matched, some yelling, posturing and both look old enough to know better.

Duane takes Zahran and Duncan to deal with the guy lurking around. Sends Meredith and Leandra to look for what is on the monocycle while the rest deal with the guy after they see what he does.

Guy comes over and tries to pull tough guy badge act, as interacts with Leandra, pulls badge then suddenly moves hand out straight, maybe flexing to move weapon into his hand -- Meredith hits him, Leandra draws sword, Duane kidney punches from behind and Leandra uses the draw to go hilt to head.

Raykor says ‘don’t’ from behind and Meredith disarms the man and gets the PI credentials. Meredith runs a check as he struggles, questions if he has had a recent head injury, beside the one he just got.

Two more big people come out. “We’re going to call the cops.” to whit we reply ‘Please do’ and ‘it’ll save us time’ and ‘we’ve got them on speed dial, straight to the commissioner’.

PI is supposedly Dirk Manson, among other things has special reserve deputy for Regina, closest thing you can get to a carry permit.

Doesn’t believe Leandra is who she is and says yeah right, dressed up like a midieval whore and gets kicked in the ribs by Leandra for his trouble.

Duane and Duncan stop the other two from leaving, but then they run, shot over their heads and they duck behind a big planter about the time a police officer shows up. Leandra suggests Duane and Duncan proceed to get them while she shows id to the cops.

The men allow themselves to be apprehended after they see that we’re giving orders to the cops. Quiet, one demands lawyer, local id. They are cooperative but don’t talk.

Leandra suggests he start spilling now. He gives, “Suite 410 Ambassador. Paid cash. didn’t ask a lot of questions.”

Duane pulls Leandra aside and advises can’t really charge them with anything, but can notify the owners of the monocycles. About that time they show up and we advise and ask if they know anyone at Claridge’s or Ambassador. They check the room numbers, reads off numbers, includes that suite number. Lady Clipspringer. Old shit. Leandra advises that apparently they aren’t letting go.

daSilva shows up and says was told to look for the young man. Hired by Sir Matthias Armondson. Kid says he’s the ambassador for the Efate delegation. Kid explains Clipspringer’s family says 600 years ago my family stole a goat or something stupid.

Meredith and one of the cops get the PI on a misdemeanor of using an unlicensed frequency and then Duane

Family concerned that there might be someone who might hire a duelist and daSilva was hired to talk the kid down from being goaded into a conflict.

The other two seem interested in Leandra but just go along meekly. been through this before.

Moving along to next day.

Hand still bruised. Get the ‘real’ secretary to come in and take notes for me.

No pictures of Leandra in skimpy outfit surface, in part because there is real news. Name released of someone gone missing and that he’d been claiming to be part of Strephon’s official family. Note that several delegations arrived. Rumored that the Efate gov’t is going to suggest the duke reside there until such time as Regina recovered.

Halfway through the meeting, Raykor leans over to Leandra and says, one of neighbors would like to speak with me after meeting. Operative has something to report.

Can’t do too much before arrival, D’Aubisson pushes meeting to a close. No more meetings for 3 days, though while coming close, things are in motion. Bureaucracy just needs to stroll along and as senior member of the delegation just pushes things along and says yes to things like colors (Leandra had previously suggested going back like 50 years to colors then and picked colors and sent them along with due attempts to secrecy to be far removed from current color trends).

Meet in older park area with many dogs downport. Attractive lady sitting in smaller pet section with three little dogs with short bristly mane that runs down spine (norwegian ridgebacks) who check on her now and then and also has a black ferret.

Cassandra, attractive, blonde somewhere between 30 and something else, not striking, pleasant looking, fits into neighborhood right now. Nice attache case she hands to Raykor and he hands it to Leandra. Pictures, ID, records, like went into life, looked around and came back with amazingly detailed set of observations. Things like what club he’s at, what security systems are like, pics of people he usually hires, considers himself man of the world and fairly tough, has some fairly good hired muscle, body guards and several people who are reserve deputies on Regina, so they are carrying. Originally off Knorbes, came to Regina to seek his fortune and stayed off the starport for the most part. Essentially being a ‘factor’ is a legal version of a loan shark, gotten several places that were in trouble or badly run, taken them over, heavily involved in things like sweat shops, has pics of interior, in most of Regina would be considered illegal or dangerous setup, has convinced several people to give him a free trade zone to bring work to Regina (has pics of those people), into local politics, makes sure both parties get his money and makes sure both parties realize he has a lot of people who if he’s put out of biz there will be a lot of unemployed people - has a mistress - not above ‘using’ the girls in the factory - half a dozen contracts, as soon as can pay off money for trip over, charging for high passage despite the conditions we’ve seen, and he charges ongoing rent/living expenses so they can’t really ever get ahead.

Owner of vessel confiscated because of it’s poor spaceworthiness, through various shell companies. Overall essence is he is extremely cheap when it comes to things for other people. He has the nice things, watches like a hawk the profit and loss, people are fined for days out sick, never had any trouble with labor because he’s in an area that is free enterprise, and is using it to make money for various political organization. Has given money to both sides in various problems on Knorbe. Several deaths in the factory and investigated by very weak organization in that area and declared industrial accidents after the death benefits from those workers made it into their pockets. Has pushed for free zones on the starport too. Makes 90% of the stuff that makes it to Omni-mart, other mid-level places and a few high-end places.

Leandra starts thinking on ways to make life difficult for him. Cassandra has a list of things that the ship violated. If we can find any way to confirm that they signed contracts. They signed things and then the things were taken away.

We go to see the contents of the box, as coming in, another vehicle is coming in as well, a beat up vehicle. Duane, Duncan and Zahran stay to run interference while we go in for what we’re after. Duane runs interference.

Makes a phone call “Hey Marcus, someone is here exceeding their authority…. dunno someone is exceeding their authority…. dunno your special prosecutor….” comes strolling back to face Duane.

Duane repeats that the place is restricted to government personnel only. When he doesn’t react, then Duane goes to put him into an armlock but the guy knows how to lock up combat armor. Duane calls in Duncan who pulls sidearm to get them to back off. Guy gets in the van as ordered but the van is not leaving and the guy talks on phone inside van.

Zahran says this is who he called, junior starport authority offices, general services.

Guy inside is saying “but I have been instructed that this is to be held for Lady Leandra Meyson”

Other guy replies “do you see the stupid cunt here?”

To whit Meredith says, “Yes, right here.”

“I’m terribly sorry, Lady Meyson, this is imperial security matter.”

Answers phone for him.. Interesting non-conversation with Patrick Cavanaugh demanding to speak with Larry.

Assistant assistant to the assistant director of the general services department.

And when Leandra speaks to the director how is he going to feel about your assistance in this matter. Assistant director has been out with appendicitis and complications. Director is up port and rarely seen down here.

Duncan and Zahran are under orders to keep anyone else out. While Leandra calls Duane in to talk to the older gentleman who called Leandra a cunt.

Leandra and Meredith go look through the boxes.

Duane asks what I want done, I tell him to get me useful information. He asks if any restrictions on methods, none. Duane asks how to dispose of the remains, the usual? nod.

Larry Morrison is the kid.

Guy being frog marched out by Duane is Roberto Jones.

Duane starts working on getting info out of Roberto

Larry said they said don’t worry about what is coming in and out, I was going to talk to my uncle about it but then he got sick. He’s got pics and every once in a while for the last few weeks, things have come to the warehouse, then two guys with same truck come to pick things up.

Raykor’s ring tone goes off, voice from Cassandra. Cassandra says, one device that was left, this is what I picked up “Yeah, look the pushy little bitch is right on our tail, I think she’s going to get the documents.” .... referenced in a bad way “Almost all of section three in the third factory.”

We scramble Vrin for a ride and then Deeds’ team to cover the warehouse and to start going through the paperwork to try to find the proofs we need.

Stone goes into admin speak with Meredith and assures he can find at least one example which will be enough to hold evidence with and she agrees to accompany the team.

Larry is able to provide a map and a picture of the factory we’re going to.

have let Vrin have his head as far as getting there as fast as possible.

Roberto Jones is suddenly quite talkative, cavanaugh came to me, told me not to ask a lot of questions and once things quieted down and back to normal I’d be on easy street. Just make sure nothing got looked at too close. Then people started asking questions. You started asking questions. And then um um um

Meredith says “You look like a bright boy, what kind of insurance did you keep off to the side to make sure they didn’t double cross you?”

He did photocopy some of the inventory listed.

Here Vrin calling out hot pursuit matter life saving mission I have Lady Meyson and her team.


Vrin says go into holding pattern and wait while you do that.

The contract for this area is iron-clad. Do a drop, Vrin does emergency fuel dump over the factory on fire and they go in to help.

Vrin does an emergency fuel reload out of the nearby river. Instructions to find out where the photocopies that Roberto made are.

whole scene at warehouse, including med work and solomani help --Lost 3 people, Solomani donated their very expensive medicine to help treat.

Invite Consuela Barnes and the acctng agent to join us in getting the paperwork. We find Acting Director Special Agent Angus Jackson.

Stone has a dozen of the contracts out, annotated, downloaded and all 12 they are charged 9000 credits for the trip to regina. If nothing else, have them on fraud.

We invite the lawyers in. Fraud, illegal transportation, will need to interview some of the people involved. Special consultant to the prosecution. Get the IBI involved etc. Then they start moving things around. Will take days.

Rude young man (Special Director Agent Angus Jackson) called a judge demanding that Lady Meyson be arrested and IBI allowed to seize a building. Judge gets sit-rep and says he can go suck rude things and calls other judges to shut down the rest.

Globber arrives and is in a bullet proof vest and has an ACR. Swat team with him.

News report: Patrick Cavanaugh was shot resisting arrest. Hair and skull fragments on windshield etc.

Reported: Lady Meyson behind the scenes and various people eliminated that were a threat to Regina. And several senators behind mics saying recommend extradition to imperial authority immediately. Also small fires that it is believed he was trying to destroy evidence (like that which links him to the senators in question).

Things are upset. The lawyers for Linus are complaining that client is being railroaded and so on while in background blood and smoke everywhere and people bandaged and in some cases floating.

People are asking questions. Mr. Black states that he’s been approached by several agency to lend his assistance. Leandra says she relies on his honor and discretion in such matters.

Next morning, they have enough for 100 counts of fraud and illegal transport in interstellar space and the people arrested on the ship that want to live are rolling over faster than the axles on a race car. Also charging Yosef with murder and other crimes on Regina itself.